Official closure of tukiscans

Might as well make it official.

We’ve had our fair share of fun of doing Madoromi and other stuff, but real life catches up pretty quickly. I might come back in the future, but it’s unlikely.

Website and reader will stay up as I’m hosting other critical infrastructure on this server.

Contact me at @tukimoop#0936 on discord if you need anything else.

Madoromi-chan ga Iku. – 024 [end]

And finally, we arrive at the end…

Statistics time for those who actually read this piece of shit blog! Probably only time as well since Madoromi-chan was the only project I had for the entirety of this group’s release history now.

  • Madoromi-chan ga Iku. racked up a total of 12,437 total users reading the series on our website.
  • The highest number of users reading within a day was Chapter 16, at 1,586 users.
  • The top three countries viewing this series was United States, followed by Canada and the United Kingdom.
  • 59.55% of readers used a mobile phone (39.76% Android and 19.74% iOS), and the rest used Windows (33.50%), Macintosh (5.36%), Linux (1.33%), Chrome OS (0.16%) and… Xbox? at 0.03% (4 users). This is probably someone changing their user agent, but I’d like to dream that 4 people are just using an Xbox to read through reddit.
  • With a reported Google Analytics page view of 65,341 and combined 78,615 view count on Mangadex, comes to a total chapter view of 143,956! Now to be honest, this is probably skewed in some way, but hey, it’s still interesting.

Who knows how the last chapter will do? Anyways, it’ll be farewell from here on out to Madoromi. Bye bye!