A small update.

I’m not dead. Well, mostly.

I haven’t dropped Madoromi if that’s what you’re asking, my few non-existent readers of this website. More whatsoever stuff is coming up with my people, as my TL is going through stress and exams, and my QC guy is taking a break after releasing a fuckton of chapters. I’m not really particular of the idea of getting another TL and QC after much since they both wanted to do this series a lot (esp. the TL), but I don’t know.

Anyways, if my QC gets to me first, I can probably get at least another 2 chapters to release. As for my TL, I’ll leave him be until he gets better. So expect fewer releases for now.

That’s all. tuki out.


edit: i might as well also say that i’m basically free for any projects, so if you need a typesetter, contact me